Advanced Level

Advanced Level for Check n Mate

Playing Chess Tournaments needs dedication, the right direction and improvement with every game. To improve upon your Chess game you need high-quality chess lessons, professionally written courses and one on one guidance.

Chess Trainer’s, Advanced Online Chess Program is specially designed to fine-tune your strategies and tactics required to play in National and International Chess Tournaments. This program focuses on improving your skills with Tactical exercises and Positional exercises.

Key features of the Advanced Online Chess program is that you will learn to play almost any position on the chess board i.e. understanding the essence of every major opening and their typical middle games.

There will be exercises on
  • Tactical exercises, (combinations)
  • Positional exercises (strategic problems)

Your coach helps you build a complete Opening Repertoire from white and black sides, choosing openings suitable for your playing style. This will help you prepare for future tournaments.

Advanced Course Structure
  • Structured Chess course.
  • In-depth Analysis of the online interactive session.
  • Get online homework between training sessions to make sure you work on your own.
  • Online Practice sessions are observed by the instructors online and help students analyze games.
  • Improving your tactics and strategies.
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